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A complete toolbox for teaching ethics and manners

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Good manners & character open the doors of opportunity.
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“In my over forty years as a recognized educator, I believe there has never been a more important time to support the development of ethics and manners in children.  I whole heartedly endorse Master Keys for Kids as a relevant and important tool for parents and educators.”

– J.L. Fortsen, Ed.D.

Nationally recognized educator, U.S. Dept. of Education

“In Master Keys I learned how to respect others and that people matter. Home and school are a happier place for me. I’m starting to learn to be more optimistic about failures.”

– Grace, Grade Six

“I’ve really cut down on how much I lie.”

– Brandon, Grade Six

“In one of my manners classes, I learned what bad shape people are in. It inspired me to sponsor a child with my family.”

– Maddy, Grade Six

“I don’t get as angry as I used to. I remember the anger class very well.”

– Katie, Grade Six

“I learned about failure. It helped me to forgive the people who did something to hurt my feelings.”

– Max, Grade Four