Royal Manners

(Taken from The Basics)

There are lots of special family gatherings this week and it’s hard to explain formal manners or being on your best behavior. I discovered that all kids understand how to act in front of the King and Queen.

All American kids have seen movies and read stories about various kingdoms.

When I was teaching, I had fun in the classroom entering as if I were the Queen and the kids would spontaneously sit straight, and pay direct attention. We would have a blast going back and forth between Royal Manners, and casual manners.

Share with your kids that special events, like holiday meals, going to a restaurant, or to someone else’s home require Royal Manners.


Set a nice table. Use tableware and napkins. Explain that the Royals are coming to dine. How would they act? What would they talk about?

You are giving them a frame of reference for formal behavior or what it means to be on your best behavior. Try this also at a restaurant. Many kids rarely use tableware anymore because of fast food dining.

Help your kids to know the difference in certain situations when they need to be more respectful with their language and behavior. There is a time and place for being casual and also to be on your best behavior