Who is my series host, Madama and her pet, Peeves?  Why should they matter to you?

Have you ever created an answer to a problem that you thought was random but turned out to be life changing?  Madama first came to me early in my teaching days as a whimsical character for a summer drama program.  For years she was the Royal Party Planner costume and would then go back into storage until the following summer.

In the early days of creating Master Keys for Kids, I realized I needed a disarming approach to teach manners and ethics.  No one learns by being scolded or from a snooty Know It All.  It needed to be addressed with fun and perhaps a little eccentricity.  But how?

From up in my attic, I heard a muffled voice (true story) beckoning me to get her out of the boxes and use her for the real reason she came to me.  I was shocked.  It was Madama all along.  Not Madame.  Never Madame.  She was always Madama and she was already fully formed.

She told me her story and life purpose to come from another time when manners and etiquette were more distinct.  She wants to help us hold onto what’s most important about how to treat each other with kindness and respect.  Along with her pet, Peeves, we have a voice to turn to to guide our decisions.

I kid you not that she told me about her childhood, capacity to make magical hats, her hurts and why manners and being kind are so important to her.  It was one of the most extraordinary writing experiences of my life taking dictation from someone I thought I dreamt up.  Not the case.

Look at her evolution.  As she took form, my drawings changed from childish scribbles to a fully stylized character.  Along with Madama, my hidden artist came out from the shadows coinciding with working at a major tech company.  Go figure… where did that come from but I’ve learned not to question it simply show up and let it come through me.

Madama has her quirks which Peeves will sometimes comment on but she also has substance and a deep caring for the welfare of our children.  Come along for the ride as my dear friend, Madama escorts us to learn, practice, and maybe even master life skills that help make us better human beings.