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Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Resources for specific issues, how to use at home and at school, (Parents, extended family, single parents) corporate sponsorship, and more.

How do I stay connected and learn about new developments with Master Keys for Kids?2023-06-19T15:07:10+00:00

Please sign up for our email on developments.  We do not sell information and only send selective messages.

Can I reprint any of the Master Keys material or artwork?2023-06-19T15:06:48+00:00

No.  All lessons and artwork are under copyright.  If you are a low-tech-school that does not use tablets or smart boards, please contact us directly for permission.  It is also not permitted to alter the material by taking the Master Keys name off or adapting it as your own.  Think about it; we’re trying to teach ethics and how you present this is also what you are teaching your children.

Can I share/forward the material to other teachers or parents?2023-06-19T15:06:23+00:00

No.  Please honor all the work put into this and act ethically by all parties purchasing the books.  The price has been kept very nominal to make it available to everyone. That being said, we all benefit from families and teachers getting the help they need.  iI is possible that this may be open source at some point but please honor the current status and purchase the material.

Please feel free to let other parents and teachers know that these resources are  available.  We all win!

Can I print out the lessons for my students?2023-06-19T15:05:55+00:00

Many schools now use tablets or iPads which is what this version was designed for including the use of smart boards. When a school is sponsored, the materials come with it for certain amount of downloads as per the sponsorship level for teachers and staff.  Parents are requested to purchase the ebook which is only $4.99 per semester of the six semester program. Parents are more likely to participate when it is purchased.

  Some schools do not have that technology.  Please contact us for permission to print the lessons.  They cannot be altered or the name of Master Keys removed from any material as it is all under copyright.  Altering the material may result in a legal action.  Keep in mind, we are trying to teach ethics so honesty from you should be a given.

Can I teach Master Keys for Kids?2023-06-19T15:05:03+00:00

Any accredited teacher is welcome to teach this in their classroom when they have purchased the ebook.  Teacher training and downloads are included when a school chooses to use the program or is sponsored. If you are looking to be paid to teach it, we are currently developing an accredited facilitator online program. Contact us of your interest and we will keep you informed when the training is ready.

If you are a homeschooler teacher on an Apple device, you can share the ebook with your kids through the Family Sharing feature.

You are not authorized to be independently teaching, altering the lessons with your own name on it, or making income from the program.

How can I or my business sponsor the Return to Civility school program for our school?2023-06-19T15:04:37+00:00

Go to the sponsorship section under Contact to download a sponsorship proposal and contact us directly.  Sponsorship may be tax deductible. All sponsorship amounts are handled through The Return to Civility Program at Fractured Atlas, an accredited organization that handles the finances and sends the proper tax information.  See more:

How do I find out more about Return to Civility School program?2023-06-19T14:55:21+00:00

Use the Contact on this web site and we will guide you through the process.  We are currently lining up a few schools of different demographics to fine tune for varying school cultures.  Contact us so we can speak with you directly.

How do I order Master Keys for Kids ebooks?2023-06-19T14:48:40+00:00

You can use the links on this web site or go directly to Kindle or Apple books depending on the device you are viewing on.  Please note: currently, A Manner for All Seasons is only available on Apple Books.

Can I read/view Master Keys on both an iPad and a tablet?2023-06-19T14:49:38+00:00

Yes, this series is available for both devices.  A Manner for All Seasons is currently only available on Apple Books.

Are there hard copies of Master Keys for Kids or A Manner for All Seasons?2023-06-19T14:51:25+00:00

No.  Both series are currently only offered as ebooks.

Where do I find A Moment for Manners online?2023-06-19T14:52:24+00:00

Use the link on this web site or go to the YouTube channel for A Moment for Manners directly.

How do I contact the author to speak at our event or for an interview?2023-06-19T14:54:32+00:00

Go to the contact section or use:

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