Strategic Partnerships and Sponsors

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Franklin Theatrical Group

Tony, Drama Desk, Emmy, Webby, and Grammy nominated

PC Post Creations

Over 20 years experience in post production TV & Film.

Anti Bullying

  • Learning empathy
  • Active Listening skills
  • Self-Esteem skills

Help for Stress

  • Reframing failure
  • Social skills
  • Calming techniques

Help to Process Feelings

  • Recognizing Anger
  • Addressing Name-calling
  • Making/Accepting Apologies

Grandparent activities

  • Learning together
  • Guiding conversations
  • Sharing life lessons

Building Character

  • Lesson in Courage
  • Deeper look at Lying
  • Price of Gossiping

Introspective Skills

  • Skills for getting quiet
  • Focusing on needs of others
  • Respecting self