Welcome to my new blog – a space dedicated to nurturing manners and ethics in the children we love. We have the special privilege of guiding their hearts through stories, skills they need to learn, and shared experiences.

This blog is all about exploring a unique approach: engaging children through creative play, critical thinking, and stories of wit and wisdom followed by learning the life skills.

Here are fun tales of imaginary lands, illustrated with original drawings, and filled with characters boasting delightfully whimsical names.

Master Keys for Kids wants to encourage a national conversation and focus on improving how we treat one another and the ethical development of our children.  Here are tools to help families and classrooms to assist kids to process their emotions and develop character.

We are at a tipping point of public discourse as we create a new normal of rude and mean treatment of one another. Which way will you choose for your children and what kind of world will they create?